ISOL@MYRRHA: Fundamental physics at MYRRHA

Since about a decade SCK•CEN has been working on the MYRRHA project. MYRRHA is an innovative accelerator driven system that consists of a subcritical reactor driven by a high-power proton accelerator.

ISOL@MYRRHA intends to use part of the proton beam to produce intense high purity radioactive ion beams. These will be used for fundamental and applied research in various fields of science including nuclear, atomic and solid state physics, fundamental interactions and medical physics.

ISOL@MYRRHA will mainly focus on precision experiments needing high statistics and accurate calibration and on experiments that hunt for very rare phenomena. These experiments can be uniquely addressed at ISOL@MYRRHA, because of the availability of long uninterrupted beam times and the high reliability of the MYRRHA accelerator.

More information on the MYRRHA project can be found on the MYRRHA website.