We are organizing a series of topical workshops gathering experts from the different disciplines ISOL@MYRRHA is aiming at.

The aim is fourfold:

  • Investigate the physics case in more detail, thereby identifying unique and world-leading scientific opportunities for the RIB program at ISOL@MYRRHA.
  • Collect information on the instrumentation required for experiments at ISOL@MYRRHA.
  • Gather the necessary input for the design study (i.e. aspects influencing the lay-out of the experimental hall, required RIBs, etc.).
  • Set up a Users Group of researchers interested in potentially using the facility.


Past events

25-11-14 - 25-11-14 Topical Day on Medical Applications of ISOL@MYRRHA
16-09-13 - 18-09-13 Workshop on Radioactive Ion Beam Production and High-Power Target Stations
23-04-12 - 25-04-12 Detailed decay spectroscopy at ISOL@MYRRHA
03-10-11 - 05-10-11 Workshop on low-energy fundamental-interactions physics at ISOL@MYRRHA