ISOL@MYRRHA applications

Measurements with high-intensity beams and long/regular beam times are an important source of information for quasi all fields in science making use of RIBs, ranging from fundamental-interaction measurements with extremely high precision over systematic measurements for condensed-matter physics and production of radio-isotopes.

Long beam times could be also of interest for astro-physics, when nuclear reactions with small cross sections are involved, but the absence of a post-accelerator in the present design of ISOL@MYRRHA will prevent such kind of studies. Although higher-energy secondary beams are not discarded for a later phase, only research with low-energy beams (up to 60 keV) is addressed for the moment.

The figure below shows an overview of typical RIB research over the different fields with ISOL@MYRRHA opportunities indicated in yellow font. More details can be found in the respective topics for atomic physics, nuclear physics, fundamental interactions, condensed matter and biology, and medical applications.

RIB research with ISOL@MYRRHA

Illustration of the possible RIB research by exploiting the availability of long beam times at ISOL@MYRRHA. In red font are typical examples of experiments, which can be addressed at ISOL@MYRRHA. In case of overlap between two research fields, a shaded area is used containing the two colours, which correspond to the respective fields. The horizontal limits of the box are representative of the typical beam time per experiment.