Kick-off meeting of the Belgian EURISOL Consortium

Date: 2013-12-12

On Wednesday, 11th of December 2013, the Belgian EURISOL Consortium (BEC) kick-off meeting took place at the SCK•CEN Headquarters in Brussels, in the presence of  the head of the EURISOL Project Office, Prof. Yorick Blumenfeld from IPNO Orsay. The recently-created BEC consortium involves research groups from KU Leuven, ULB, BelV, VUB, VKI, UGent and SCK•CEN. The aim is to coordinate ISOL-related activities in Belgium and to become a partner within the EURISOL Collaboration.

 As suggested by its name, EURISOL is a large European project aiming at the construction of the “ultimate ISOL facility” in Europe.  This will be a large-scale facility, using a high-power linear accelerator as the driver coupled to one multi-megaWatt target and a series of 100 kW target stations to produce Radioactive Ion Beams (RIBs) from rest to 150 MeV/u. These RIBs will be used for a wide variety of science programs and applications. After the two previous design studies funded in the FP5 and FP6-EU frameworks, dedicated R&D work and a more refined costing is currently ongoing and supplementary planned. Parallel to these activities, EURISOL is further building its science case and scientific community.

Strong synergies can be identified between the R&D and preparatory work for EURISOL and for MYRRHA & ISOL@MYRRHA. Examples are developments for the linear accelerator, high-power ISOL-target, target-ion source systems for RIB production, safety issues, detailed costing, decommissioning plan, refining the RIB science case, building a RIB users community, etc.  Based on these synergies, it was unanimously decided in the BEC plenary meeting of Wednesday, 11th of December 2013, to sign the MoU for entering the EURISOL Collaboration. This will give the possibility to have an efficient information exchange between the two projects and to perform common R&D work within a large European Collaboration.