ISOL@MYRRHA on the NuPECC list

Date: 2011-02-21

The ISOL@MYRRHA facility has been listed in the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (NuPECC) longe range plan 2010: Perspective of Nuclear Physics in Europe (published in November 2010).

The document includes a set of recommendations and a road map for major activities, new facilities and tools for both experimental and theoretical nuclear physics in Europe that are intended to help funding agencies, decision makers, politicians and also the European nuclear physics community.

ISOL@MYRRHA is presented as a planned new large-scale research infrastructure within the European landscape. This is a first important milestone for the realization of the facility, since it means that the request will be made to put ISOL@MYRRHA on the European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) list in the near future.

The Technical Design Study for intense radioactive ion beams at ISOL@MYRRHA is on the list of NuPECC recommendations for future facilities.