Users group

The research opportunities for ISOL@MYRRHA summarized on the website are based on ideas presented during the 'Nuclear Physics Research at the MYRRHA Accelerator' BriX workshop 2008 in Mol, Belgium. These ideas represent the core incentives for establishing the ISOL@MYRRHA facility serving the ISOL user community in need of extended beam times. However, as research is constantly evolving, it is very important that new ideas are added and existing ideas are refreshed in order to keep the research programme up to date. A first task of the Users Group is, thus, to define and communicate those ideas.

A second task of the Users Group is to define the required lay-out/conditions for the foreseen experiments. ISOL@MYRRHA is a so-called green-field facility, so that an optimal infrastructure can be created from the first design drawings onwards in direct interaction between potential users and the design team.

Six topical workshops will be organized at the SCK•CEN site covering the ISOL@MYRRHA research cases and RIB production aspects, so that a more firm basis of opportunities and envisaged facility infrastructure is formed. In parallel to and maybe inspired by the workshops, the Users Group can communicate its ideas to the ISOL@MYRRHA team at SCK•CEN (e-mail: At its turn, the ISOL@MYRRHA team will keep the users group up to date on the evolution of the project at SCK•CEN.